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ssc proud 1pngWhy Salons and Spas of Canada?
The idea for this membership website came about from salon owners and clients who wanted a place of their own where they can feel like part of a community.    We randomly conducted extensive survey by telephone over a 3-month period with salon owners and with their  clients.  We received overwhelming endorsement that a specialized directory site offering this service would be welcomed.   Beauty Professionals also stated in the survey that they found it difficult and very costly to pay for advertising and to be constantly while balancing giving great customer service.  Salons and spas of Canada is pleased to bring some balance to your day.  Let us do the marketing for you. We have the expertise, we have the team and we have the passion.

Let’s Compare

Our service is unique in many ways.  Our Directory is not a junk yard of listings from all type of businesses.  Our directory is exclusive to the beauty industry.  Your business is not lumped in with any other non-beauty business.  We do not have UNCLAIMED LISTINGS with scant information begging for “someone? anyone? to claim it.  Your business is MANUALLY set up our team, with YOUR unique description, photo-gallery, social media links, videos etc.  Our directory is maintained and kept current by our team of marketers and designers.

We are confident that you will enjoy the services and benefits that Salons and Spas of Canada has to offer you.

Salon and Spa Owners enjoys Exclusive Beauty Directory
A large number of  Salon owners stated that it is costly to operate a salon website on their own and would rather be a part of a membership Directory.  New salon owners in particular stated that the start up cost of a salon prevents them from setting up their own website at the outset. With  Salons and Spas of Canada you can have world wide exposure for your business right at Start UP.  We offer our members Exclusivity.

We are going through the same process as you are:

  • seeking out new members
  • Taking care of our current members
  • Improving our service
  • Adding new services
  • Providing information requested by our members.  We understand – we walk , the walk with you.


 Join us and let’s walk together.


Beauty Professionals/ Students /Apprentice/Mobile Professionals
This service is particularly appealing to individual professionals who do not operate their own salon.  This service allows individual service providers to advertise their business to their customers even without a store front.  If you are a:

  • Mobile beauty professionals
  • Home-based professionals
  •  Renting a chair  – you can advertise your business on salons of Canada in your  professionally created MemberSite.


Classified Ad Portal  –
We are developing a classified Ad service Free of cost to our members.  Our members can post up to 6 classified ads free of cost.


Members can advertise events for free – more info coming soon.

An easy to use website
A neatly organized website
Maintenance free by salons owners
Name must be easy to remember
A  Friendly welcoming tone
Must have relevant current useful information and tips
Must be updated regularly
Devoid of typos, spelling and grammatical errors
Clients Must be able to search for a particular service, salon or spa
Must be able to contact site administrator via phone or email



We plan to market your business collectively via many various channels : Social Media, Daily Deals sites like Teambuy.ca, Groupon etc.
We also use blogging and Directory

listing, press releases, Radio etc to promote your business.  We will continue to improve and add to our marketing arsenal.  What ever marketing avenues you are currently using, we see our service as a complement.  If it is working for you we are not here to tell you to abandon it – just ADD our service to it.  Our Exclusive Beauty Directory will accept and post any current promotion you are doing right into your MemberSite here on our directory.

We would like to thank all the salons owners & their clients, individual stylists and beauty schools who took part in our phone survey.

 Please feel free to contact us by phone
Or by email : info@salonsofcanada.com

Dee Thomas
Directory  Manager
Phone:(647) 499-6172
Email: ContactUsPage