FAQs / Why can’t I set up my Membersite myself?

Great question.

2 Reasons. Security and Professionalism


To protect your MemberSite from malicious content, we do not allow anyone to post in our directory. We know from past experience that un-supported directories are bad for your business. A good directory must be loaded with fresh content daily and must be engaged in promoting its members’ presence on the internet. We know from actual experience that only well-run directories that are maintained by site owners will survive long term.  WE intend to be around. Please see our “About Us” page to learn more about our history.

We previously had tons of unclaimed listings which we deleted.  We then removed the ability for human or  bots to submit spam listings that hurt our rankings and our credibility.


All listings are now manually set up by our marketing team.  This will ensure that only genuine listings are promoted on our site and your Membersite will not be lost among unclaimed spam listings.

We also ensure the best quality of service when our marketing team establishes your site for you.  We are currently waiving the set up fee OF $199 to encourage new members to join us.  This is for a limited time only.