FAQs / Why do I need to advertise in a directory


The main reason is for exposure.  Having your business in an industry directory is beneficial to you for many reasons.

If a prospective customer is seeking some form of beauty service, the prospective client may likely search for beauty salons in Canada for example and then search for a specific city.  If you are part of a directory the visitor will likely find you when searching the directory since the visitor does not know the name of your business.

An example: Carla a visitor from Italy is coming to visit your area.  Carla would not necessarily know of your business, she would likely do a google and conduct a search for “salons in Canada” would she find your beauty business?  Go ahead and search for “salons in Canada”  is your business listed?

Is Salons of Canada listed there?  

Yes – We are number 3 on page 1. If your business is listed in our Exclusive Beauty Directory – Carla would find you.  

Our goal is to be number 1 in all beauty categories.