Refer and get Paid Promotion! 

1. Refer your favourite salon - if you cannot find it on www.SalonsAndSpasofCanada.ca

To be eligible you must complete the form below. You are required to also contact your referred salon and inform them of this service.  Please advise your referred beauty business that a representative from Salons and Spas of Canada we will be contacting them to follow up on your referral. 

If your referred salon signs up for our services  - we will send you a cheque for $40 as our way of saying thank you for your successful referral.

Please Note:  You must complete this form in order to be eligible for the referral fee.  If more than one persons make a referral of the same Business - the referred business owner will determine who will gets paid.

Only Canadian salons are eligible for this service.  Definition of salons - any Canadian beauty business.  

Take a Look at your earning potential!

Refer Your Favourite Beauty Business



PLEASE NOTE: You must complete a new form for each referral.

Thank you for your referrals. Lets Make this happen!!

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